For almost 100 years, we at Racheli Firm...

We Assist

our clients in defining an integrated protection strategy of IP assets, in line with the needs of enterprises and the expectations of the entrepreneur.

We Protect

the exclusive rights of our clients in Italy and abroad through the means of protection provided by the different legal systems throughout the world.

We Enforce

our clients’ IP rights at the administrative, extra-judicial and judicial levels, in Italy, in the European Union and internationally.

We Share

IP basics with our clients and support them in adopting business procedures, aimed at enhancing their IP rights.

We Valorise

the IP rights of our clients in Italy and abroad for the purpose of capitalization and financing, by drafting contracts and agreements which transform innovation into real economic value for companies.

Why rely on Racheli?

Because we have been actively providing IP assistance and consulting for nearly 100 years.

Because our goal
is to provide
client-friendly and efficient IP support and advice.

Because our work method is based
on implementing
an integrated strategy to protect our clients' IP assets.

Because our value lies in the trust
and satisfaction
of our clients.

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